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woc2018team Photo Composition: GB WOC Team 2018 by On The Red Line

A campaign is launched inviting members of the British orienteering community to contribute towards the cost of the GB team attending the 2018 World Championships (WOC.) The fundraising campaign is, as last year, via the BT MyDonate site and the charity The Orienteering Foundation

The campaign page provides more explanation and provides the way to make a donation.

The success of last year's campaign really helped the athletes, easing financial pressure and being boosted by the support shown by the orienteering community.

The On The Red Line Team Announcement News Item.

Some costs of World Championships attendance are paid by British Orienteering, for example competition licence and entry fees, and expenses for support staff. Athlete travel and accommodation are not.

Taking a wider view, the athletes incur many costs through the rest of the year - in general for training and other competitions, and for balancing their work against their need for training and recovery. So for example they work part-time or negotiate additional unpaid leave with employers.

An appeal allows you - as individuals or clubs - the choice to opt in to provide support for the international programme, and the athletes are both extremely pleased to have some help, and also to know they have your good wishes.

I know many who donate prefer to do so anonymously. Just one thought: a small message would not be likely to compromise anonymity and would be appreciated by the team. Thankyou.

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