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GG Photo: Graham Gristwood, at the British Sprint Relay Champs 2017, by Brian Ward.

So much of orienteering happens when a runner is on their own that international runners and analytical mental strength go hand-in-hand. Some of the athletes are quiet, some are chatty, some are in between, but they are, as a general rule, very strongly self-aware and determined. They subject themselves and their performances to merciless self-analysis.

They know the bar is high; it takes a great deal of work over a period of many years to become world class. You can see much of this in the many blogs and social media posts that appear from all athletes (many continental athletes often write in English) and particularly in their training logs.

GG2015 Picture: GG has been logging on Attackpoint for over ten years.

Most of the GB team athletes choose to log their training on the website Attackpoint - slogan "performance and training tools for orienteering athletes". Typically they record what they have done, some of them in awe-inspiring detail, and often also what they think of what they have done. They write about their races too. Sometimes there are comments from others, including former team members and coaches, and sometimes a bit of banter, which (warning!) may, very occasionally, be "not safe for work". There is a "top 10" list of blogs on the home page which always includes some of the GB athletes, if you want to get a quick idea of the richness of material.

Here are links to the blogs (athletes in order of first appearance for GB at World Champs):

One renowned and entertaining non-GB Attackpoint blog is that of the Australian Climate Scientist and IOF committee member: Blair Trewin

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