KrisPhoto: Kris Jones in last year's World Champs Forest Relay, by Janis Ligats for WOC2018 Latvia.

(This is a republication of a post inadvertently deleted, although given how Kris's predictions turned out - not entirely Kris's fault with both tipped men not starting - we perhaps need not have bothered )

Kris Jones is not running the JK this year. He is currently recovering and training in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Kris wrote about his injury for "Fast Running".

Kris provides his thoughts about the racing, and bravely predicts which of his fellow GB athletes might take the wins.

The JK long always tends to be one of the hardest races to predict. Before the weekend, everyone's form is somewhat unknown; but you can't base too much on the results of the middle distance either. A single mistake in the middle distance might have been the difference between spot on the a podium or a frustrating 'what might have been'. Sometimes, it is those who messed up the middle distance who you need to watch. The leaders have a target on their back and those chasing have nothing to lose and everything to gain. That said, my predictions haven't been great so far - so it's not like I can do much worse!

Today's long distance takes place in Cold Ash forest - route choice and confident execution will be key. Some of those who excelled in the middle distance may come unstuck with the extra distance and a consistent, clean race may prevail over inconsistent speed. Groupings may influence the results but it is still possible for a runner to have a very lonely 90 minutes - it somewhat comes down to luck of the draw. Nonetheless, the JK long is one of the most exciting races of the year, both for the runner and the spectator.

Since they are very much based on the middle distance results, I won't offer a run down of the favourites (see the middle distance preview or report for an idea), but I will offer my predictions. I found this to be the most difficult of the three races to pick favourites and, based on my previous form, I wouldn't stake your house on these predictions, but who knows? Maybe third time lucky!

On The Red Line We note for both races Kris has tipped the current British Long Distance Champions.

JoPhoto: Jo Shepherd

 1st: Jo Shepherd
 2nd: Charlotte Watson 

PeterPhoto: Peter Hodkinson World Games 2017

 1st: Peter Hodkinson
 2nd: Jonathon Crickmore

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