Charlotte Watson

Charlotte Watson

Charlotte Watson

I started orienteering with West Cumberland Orienteering Club. As a teenager I was a member of the North West Junior Squad and enjoyed many training weekends, two trips to Norway and Junior Inter Regional Squad Championships victories with them.

I have competed in four JWOC's (2010-2013) and was first selected for the World Champs for the home WOC in 2015. I ran the Long in Glen Affric and it's probably the most awesome orienteering experience I've ever had. I really enjoy forest orienteering due to the mental and physical challenges always being different depending on the terrain. In 2017 I competed in the Long again at WOC and finished 25th.

Between finishing school and university I went to live in Stockholm, working as an au pair. This was a very eye-opening experience to how the Swedish elite train and just how many different types of terrain there is to orienteer in.

I then went to the University of Edinburgh where I gained a 2nd class degree in Sports Science. I was a member of Edinburgh University Orienteering Club and the Performance Orienteering Program. I had great fun at Edinburgh with lots of people to train with and really worked on improving my fitness, making the most of the fantastic facilities the university offer.

Since graduating I have spent two, six month periods in Australia (Canberra and Hobart) working as an orienteering coach. Both places are excellent places to train for orienteering with lots of different maps and nice warm weather. I have gained a lot from these experiences both as a coach and athlete. Upon returning to the UK I am planning to focus on orienteering for the summer, doing some competitions with my Scandinavian club Lillomarka OL and hopefully some World Cup races and WOC.

Clubs: West Cumberland OC (North West OA) and Lillomarka (Norway)

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