PodiumBritish Champs Podium, Kilnsey May 5th 2019, credit: On The Red Line

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The British Champions 2019 are Alasdair McLeod and Megan Carter-Davies. The Championships were held on the open moorland of Arncliffe and Kilnsey North on May 5th 2019.

The Sprint Relay champions are Edinburgh University.

The Forest Relay champions are

  • Men: Airienteers
  • Women: South Yorkshire.

Individual Championship Races

Men's (16.1km, 655m climb)

  1. Alasdair McLeod (Airienteers) 84:28
  2. Sasha Chepelin (Edinburgh University) 85:37
  3. Duncan Coombs (West Anglia) 87:11
  4. Peter Bray (Southern Navigators) 87:20
  5. Ben Windsor (Drongo) 88:06
  6. Scott Fraser (Interlopers) 88:12

Women's (11.2km, 510m climb)

  1. Megan Carter-Davies (Mid-Wales) 71:29
  2. Cecilie Andersen (Bristol) 78:34
  3. Sarah Jones (Edinburgh Southern) 78:51
  4. Zoe Harding (Edinburgh University) 81:08
  5. Grace Molloy (Forth Valley) 86:10
  6. Fay Walsh (Edinburgh University) 86:35

ChampionsNew Champions, Photo: Rob Lines


The British Championships were the final race of the UK Elite O League 2019. The winners were Will Gardner and Megan Carter-Davies. Curiously the first five men were over 23, the first five women under 23. Prizes were presented at the relays.

The League tweeted a short video of some of the late starting men up on the moor as they started down to the last controls.

Sprint Relay

SprintRelaySprint Relay Podium, Bradford University, May 4th 2019. 1.Edinburgh University, 2.Forth Valley, 3.Bristol.

FionaA spectator control was on all courses: Fiona Bunn of Cambridge University leads on leg 1 of the relay (photo: Wendy Carlyle)

handoverFay Walsh hands over to Ali Masson at the end of leg 1 (photo: Wendy Carlyle)

SashaGB Squad Member Sasha Chepelin ran leg 3 for Edinburgh University (photo: Wendy Carlyle)

EUOCTeam Edinburgh University's anchor Zoe Harding is met by her team (Fay Walsh, Ali Masson and Sasha Chepelin) as she reaches the line (photo: Wendy Carlyle)

Forest Relays

WomenPodiumWomen's Premier Class: 1.South Yorkshire, 2.Airienteers, 3.Edinburgh Southern.

MenPodiumMen's Premier Class: 1.Airienteers, 2.Forth Valley, 3.Nottinghamshire.

Results of the (forest) relays at Middleton Park, Leeds - May 6th

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