BOC22_mapclipfrom British Orienteering website, image: mapper Dave Peel.

With the weather set fair, the British Long Distance Champs are on Saturday March 26th, using an area new to orienteering south-west of London. There's a strong field including 59 names on the M21E startlist. The course is 16.6km with 815m climb; with the recommended winning time of 90-100 minutes. There are 18 entries on W21E for 11.3km with 495m climb and a winning time of 70-80 minutes.

The British Relays are the following day, using the same arena.

The British NIghts and the British Middles have taken place, the former in the very opposite of fair weather.

British Nights

Thanks to Airienteers, the Champs were held on Ilkley Moor, Yorkshire, 19th February.

A Finnish friend of On The Red Line commented "possibly the toughest orienteering I've ever done."

British Night Champs 2022 Results Page

BNOC22_51893859485_bdc0ba2c02_WendyCphoto: Wendy Carlyle


  1. Graham Gristwood, Forth Valley Orienteers.
  2. Philip Vokes, Octavian Droobers.
  3. Nathan Lawson, Octavian Droobers.


  1. Megan Carter-Davies, Swansea Bay OC.
  2. Alice Leake, AIrienteers.
  3. Chloe Haines, Edinburgh Southern OC.

British Night Orienteering 2022 - British Orienteering News Item

Wendy Carlyle Photo Album of the Championships

British Middle Champs

Thanks to the East Anglian Orienteering Association, the Champs were held in Rushmere Country Park on 6th March.

BritMiddle2022Mapclipfrom Routegadget


  1. Alice Leake, AIrienteers.
  2. Grace Molloy, Forth Valley Orienteers.
  3. Chloe Potter, Bristol OK.

Alice commented on Attackpoint:

> The area played to my strengths with lots of path running but I also nailed 23/24 controls and had a really solid technical race - even took some bearings :) & managed to catch myself when I was getting tired towards the end & stopped to reset mentally. A very unexpected win so properly chuffed with that one.


  1. Will Gardner, Octavian Droobers.
  2. Graham Gristwood, Forth Valley Orienteers.
  3. Alastair Thomas, Edinburgh University.

Will was equally surprised and pleased. You can hear him discussing his run on the podcast he does with Katherine Bett.

British Champs

Saturday March 26th , Golden Valley & Cognor Woods, organised by the South-East Orienteering Association.

British Orienteering Champs Final Details

This archive British Orienteering news page has a few photos of an area that is new to orientereing.

Start lists

The final four starters on W21E are GB Squad athletes Fiona Bunn, Cecilie Andersen, Grace Molloy and Megan Carter-Davies.

The final eight starters on M21E are Peter Hodkinson, Alastair Thomas, Graham Gristwood, Nathan Lawson, Chris Smithard, Sasha Chepelin, Alasdair McLeod, and Ben Mitchell. Outside the final block are last year's champion Alasdair Pedley, and last year's GB WOC runner Peter Taylor-Bray. We understand new British Middle Champion Will Gardner is not running although he is on the startlist.

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