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We use UK-times in this article.

Saturday 26th October 2019 - Xiqiao Mountain

Web-TV broadcast from 7am UK-time. The broadcast will cover the women's race first, with the final starter at 07:40 that should wrap up about 8:20. At that time there are 25 men still to start. The temperature is forecast to be 27degC and it may be somewhat humid.

Xiqiao Mountain is a well-known tourist destination covering a large area. It's a national forest park and national scenic area. There is also a big statue.

Xiqiao Mountain is an extinct volcano with a history of 45000 years. It was a largest manufacturing field of stoneware in South China in ancient times. It is well-recognized as the origin of civilization along the Pearl River.

The terrain is on a mountain plateau with generally moderate slopes. Mostly native forest, with some areas of villages and developed parklands. There is a wide variation in vegetation but most forest areas have fair to good runnability. There is a dense path network. Some of these paths have stone paving, which can be very slippery when wet.

Women's Race: 4.9km, 290m climb. 2 minute start interval.

There are 97 runners, the final starter being Tove Alexandersson at 07:40. Tove has already won the 2019 World Cup.

  • Charlotte Ward is second on the startlist, at 4:30 UK-time.
  • Kirstin Maxwell 05:18.
  • Both Charlotte and Kirstin are sprint-focused for international orienteering.
  • Cecilie Andersen 05:44.

Men's Race: 5.6km, 350m climb. 2 minute start interval.

There are 113 runners, the final starter being Gustav Bergman at 09:09. Gustav leads the World Cup

  • Ben Mitchell 06:37
  • Chris Smithard 06:45
  • Jonny Crickmore 07:09
  • Peter Hodkinson 07:41
  • Will Gardner 07:45
  • Ralph Street 08:31

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