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A really impressive run at Xiqiao Mountain by today's final starter Gustav Bergman won the race and the men's 2019 World Cup. His compatriot Tove Alexandersson won the women's race, making 7 out of 7 wins this year.

As expected, it was very tough going in part: it was hot and humid, it was often steep, it was sometimes forest "jungle", and there was a lot of detail not all of which can be shown on the map. Runners had to choose and identify the best, but sometimes a little indistinct, tracks. Gustav said in a post-race interview losing a little time here and there was inevitable. And winning times were on the long side.

There was good TV coverage of the racing in the English language web broadcast. The now usual fixed and running cameras provided great pictures and GPS tracking helping analysis of the route choice legs.

As the commentators noted there was an issue with what was going to be allowed running into control #5 from the lakes to the south (please see the opening illustration of this item, noting the map is set with north to the right, and the final illustration.) The difficulty is that several athletes crossed through small amounts of olive green, gaining time, and some chose not to. Several of those who chose not to "backed out" having realised as they checked the map more closely. Olive green is "area that shall not be entered / out-of-bounds" but normally the colour is bounded by a black line.

On The Red Line It is a difficult situation with no good solution: it is a case of choosing the least worst option. And it seems reasonable to us that the effect on the results is taken into account - so yes, who it is who went through matters.

Initially, eight runners were disqualified - Alexi Niemi, Aston Key, Daniel Hubmann, Gaute Hallan Steiwer, Kasper Fosser, Maxime Rauturier, Hirokazu Osaka, Teodor Yordanov. None finished in the first three.

The fastest two runners on the leg were Kasper Fosser and Daniel Hubmann , who were 26sec and 10sec quicker than 4th fastest Matthias Kyburz (who is quick and who went much the same route and stayed on the road to the south-east until he reached the path junction beyond the olive green.) Daniel Hubmann wrote on Instagram that he didn't see a problem when running, and did not think the map was clear enough. It went to a jury, and eventually the results became official with no disqualifications.

It is not permitted to void the leg - which is what happened at a day of the Scottish 6-Day this year in somewaht similar circumstances. That course of action, had it been available, would also have left the top three unchanged. Max Peter Bejmer and Milos Nykodym would have made the top six.

Jury - decision report

World of O made a good analysis.

benBen Mitchell 25th October 2019, credit: "Hello 5G" Orienteering World Cup China

World of O - Maps and Results

Women's Race: 5.0km, 290m climb. 2 minute start interval.

Top 6:

    1. Tove Alexandersson (SWE) 41:33
    1. Natalia Gemperle (RUS) +00.30
    1. Julia Jakob (SUI) +00:55
    1. Simona Aebersold (SUI) +03:03
    1. Serena Jenzer (SUI) +03:22
    1. Elena Roos (SUI) +3:26

Cecilie Andersen was the sole British runner; she was 74th +26:46 The sprint focused GBR women Charlotte Ward and Kirstin Maxwell did not start (in company with other nations' sprint runners.)

Official results

Men's Race: 5.6km, 350m climb. 2 minute start interval.

Top 4:

    1. Gustav Bergman (SWE) 40:12
    1. Joey Hadorn (SUI) +01:13
    1. Lucas Basset (FRA) +01:41
    1. Andreas Kyburz(SUI) +01:58
    1. Daniel Hubmann (SUI) +02:05
    1. Kasper Fosser (NOR) +02:14

British results:

  • Ralph Street 24th +05:50
  • Peter Hodkinson 33rd +06:40
  • Will Gardner 43rd +07:40
  • Jonny Crickmore 40th +07:09
  • Chris Smithard 49th +08:38
  • Ben Mitchell 70th +12:47

Official results

mapClipOliveGreenmap clip from Daniel Hubmann Facebook

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