charlotte-kirstinCharlotte Ward and Kirstin Maxwell. credit: Hello 5G.

Sunday 27th October 2019 - Nanhai Movie and TV Town

The Sprint Relay of the China World Cup Round took place at 06:45 UK-time. The venue was:

An extremely scenic location of an open-air film studio complex with numerous replica townscapes and temples, combining the landscape of a city park and suburban park with strong cultural atmosphere. There is both planted and natural vegetation, with some small areas of open forest depending on route choice. Very good runnability.

There were five teams in contention at the start of the last leg, three of them Swedish. Handling the complex navigation well and running strongly it was Elena Roos of Switzerland who took the victory. The Swedish second team, with Sara Hagstrom, were second, and Norway with Andrine Benjaminsen were third.

The Great Britain team of Charlotte Ward, Peter Hodkinson, Ralph Street and Cecilie Andersen, were 13th, eighth nation.

Federations could enter four teams, with the first one to finish counting. Sweden, Switzerland, Norway and home nation China ran four teams. Other federations ran fewer teams, and there were also several mixed teams with World Cup runners from different federations. Sweden 1, with the same runners who had a 30 second winning margin in the year's previous Sprint Relay (Helsinki city centre), and including the individual men's and women's World Cup winners, started favourites, with Switzerland seen as their most likely challengers.

chstartStarting a long first leg. credit: Hello 5G.

GustavGustav Bergman, 3rd leg of Sweden-1. credit: IOF.

swiss Elena Roos is joined by her teammates at the finish. credit: Hello 5G.

ralph Ralph Street 3rd leg of Great Britain. credit: Hello 5G.

ralph-journoRalph Street after finishing. credit: Hello 5G.

TeamTeam without Ralph. credit: Peter Hodkinson.

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