Ben Photo: Ben Mitchell in the colours of Swansea Bay OC (2018 British Champs)

March 17th was the day of the CompassSport Cup Matches round the country. All were National Events. Club teams can be of any size and involve individual runners tackling their own one of 12 age group courses ( or "running up"). The highest scoring runners from a club count for the team score: 25 in the case of the Cup (for larger club teams) and 13 in the case of the Trophy (for smaller club teams.)

As less than a third of a team's counting runners can be in the open classes (and for successful teams it is typically fewer) there is no particular focus on these. But it is a big weekend for the clubs and they like to have their top runners joining the team. So here's a table of who won the open class races around the country.

Meanwhile, Chris Smithard was coming second (behind Yannick Michiels) and Peter Hodkinson fourth in a multi-day sprint competition - the Mediteranean Open Championships in Malta. Murray Strain was eighth. Kirstin Maxwell was tenth in the women's competition, which was won by Natalia Gemperle. MOC - Overall Results

Charlotte Ward was running a 10-miler on the roads at Thirsk - Instagram picture.

CompassSport Cup/Trophy Open Class Winners

The club groupings and match locations vary from year to year; with some clubs having long journeys out of their home region, and some having local events.

Event Men's Open Women's Open
Bampton Common (Northern England) Alasdair McLeod Niamh Hunter
Bentley Woods (West Midlands) Will Gardner Amy Sarkies
Dunrod Hill near Greenock (Scotland) Sasha Chepelin Grace Molloy
East Ashdown (South-East England) Jack Leitch Abi Weeds
Roundhills (South Central England) Tom Bray Lucy Butt
Sherwood Pines (East Midlands) Oli Johnson Kim Baxter
The Slades (South-West England) Ben Mitchell Cecilie Andersen

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