Mapclip-SR-EuromeetingThere was live tracking of the Sprint Relay at Euromeeting

Forth Valley Orienteers are hosting Euromeeting this weekend as part of the build-up to next year's World Championships. On Friday 13th it was a Sprint Relay.

Saturday is a knockout sprint and Sunday an individual sprint.

Evidenced by the podium photo (below) it is colder than last week's European Champs in Northern Italy (where Jonatan Gustafsson won two medals.)

GPS Tracking Leg 1, Leg 2, Leg 3, Leg 4.

sprintstafett_lag-kopi.jpg__940x510_q85_crop-smart_subsampling-2Photo from Norwegian Orienteering website -

  1. (Sweden 1) Emma Bjessmo, Axel Granqvist, Jonatan Gustafsson, Hanna Lundberg

  2. (Norway 1) Emma Arnesen, Eirik Langedal Breivik, Håvard Eidsmo, Victoria Hæstad-Bjørnstad

  3. (France 1) Maëlle Beauvir, Adrien Delenne, Loïc Capbern, Cécile Calandry

The highest placed GB team (several GB teams were incomplete) was 10th: Jo Shepherd, Freddie Carcas, Eddie Narbett, Chloe Potter.

Provisional results

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