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Fingers crossed, in Switzerland next month International Orienteering Teams will meet after a year of no racing. The European Champs in the three Sprint formats are to be contested in Neuchâtel May 13th-16th.

British Orienteering has done some good work to be able to make the announcement of a four-athlete team. As noted in the announcement many GB athletes are unable to travel to this competition, so it is not the full team Britain would have liked to send (Britain had places for six men and six women in each individual format.)

On The Red Line congratulates and wishes well to Thomas Wilson making his first senior international appearances. Thomas is a Scot, growing up with Clydeside Orienteers and the Edinburgh University setup. He's not currently a member of the GB squad so doesn't appear in our Athletes section, but we do have a picture of him on a podium

Thomas's Attackpoint log

Formally it's the EGK European Orienteering Championships, and World Cup 2021 Round 1.

The Swiss have a great reputation for successfully organising major orienteering competitions and there are all sorts of COVID protocols in place. (If there is one group of people who might be good at taking responsibility and being on their own you would think it is international orienteers.)

There won't be any local spectator arrangements, but all the medal races will be broadcast on TV and the Internet. The Swiss themselves have a strong team; their red colours will be prominent in all the racing.

The Previous Map
Much of the racing is on the area shown on this map. Note the intricate Castle area. The Castle is the landmark building of the small City.

CastleBy Gab01 - Own work, Public Domain,


May 13th - Sprint Relay

May 14th - Knockout Sprint Qualification

May 15th - Knockout Sprint Quarter-Finals. Semi-Finals and Finals.

May 16th - Individual Sprint

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There were no World Cup Races in 2020.

The penultimate round of the World Cup in 2019 was also in Switzerland, and it included both individual and knockout sprint races.

The final round of the World Cup in 2019 was in China, and it included individual sprint and sprint relay.

Individual Sprint Results (China)

Individual Sprint Results (Switzerland)

Knockout Sprint Results (Switzerland)

Sprint Relay Results (China)

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