ct Photo: Cat Taylor runs through the arena on the spectator passage partway through today's race (credit: On The Red Line).

Cat Taylor came fifth in today's European Championship middle distance race.

Cat Taylor talks with Jessica Tullie after today's race

EOC Website Results


  1. Marika Teini
  2. Tove Alexandersson
  3. Simona Aebersold
  4. Tatyana Riabkina
  5. Cat Taylor
  6. Natalia Gemperle

Other British Finalists: 27. Charlotte Watson, 40. Jo Shepherd, 49. Jessica Tullie.


1.Matthias Kyburz 2.Florian Howald 3.Olav Lundanes 4.Valentin Novikov 5.Ruslan Glibov 6.Fabian Hertner

British Finalists: 31.Ralph Street, 35.Alasdair McLeod, 45.Sasha Chepelin.

CAT PROFILE (please click on photo) CT

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