PH The Men's and Women's European Sprint Champs are on Sunday 6th May.

GB has ten athletes entered, four women and six men, all with a good chance of getting through to the finals in the afternoon.

There will be 17 athletes in all running in British colours during the whole Championships. It might be different if Graham were not injured and Megan not in her final year at University. but as it is only one, Sasha, is not in the age range 25-30. Sasha is in his first year as a senior. He ran very well at last year's Junior World Champs (JWOC). Interestingly, JWOC seems by no means an essential step to running in this top-level sprint competition. Of the ten Brits running on Sunday, five didn't run at a JWOC.

The five men excepting Sasha know each other very well, having trained and raced together since their teens. When Kris Jones won a silver in the sprint at JWOC 2010 in Denmark, Alasdair McLeod was 15th, Ralph Street was 18th and Peter Hodkinson was 34th in the field of 154. Chris Smithard was by then a senior (just) but Kris and Ralph were his clubmates at Sheffield University ("ShUOC") where they would help him put on the 2011 Harvester.

For a full description of the European Champs and links to startlists, results etc see World of O's All You Need to Know.

100 women and 122 men are entered in the sprints. The home country, Switzerland, have 7 women and 7 men running. Teams with 6 women and 6 men are: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Italy, Norway, Russia and Sweden. Other large teams are Latvia (11), Austria (9), Estonia (9), France (9) and Spain (8). Belgium have 6 men and no women; Denmark, Poland and Lithuania a balanced 3+3.

The qualification races are from 8:30 UK-time in Bellinzona (previous map.) There are 3 heats in each, and the best 17 Europeans in each go to final (plus any from non-European countries who have done as well.)

The finals are in the afternoon in Mendrisio (previous map.) Faster times in qualification give later start times. First starter at 3pm UK-time. The flower ceremony is scheduled for 5:20pm UK-time.

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