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Alasdair McLeod and Hollie Orr won the JK Long World Ranking Event races today.

World Ranking Event Points.

Alasdair was the only man running under 100 minutes for today's 17.9km M21E course at Beaudesert. His win did take the overall JK title, which is awarded on combined time for the middle and long distance races.

Hollie's win was a narrow one, and not quite sufficient to win the overall JK title, which was taken by Jessica Tullie by 2 seconds, with Tessa Strain and Megan Carter-Davies third and fourth again only some seconds further back.

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Top 10's.

Position M21E Time
1 Alasdair McLeod 99:36
2 Chris Smithard 100:29
3 Alexander Chepelin 102:31
4 Kristian Jones 106:00
5 Jonathan Crickmore 106:03
6 Peter Hodkinson 107:03
7 Matthew Speake 107:35
8 William Gardner 108:01
9 Joe Woodley 108:36
10 Richard Robinson 108:53
Position W21E Time
1 Hollie Orr 75:07
2 Jessica Tullie 75:15
3 Tessa Strain 75:53
4 Megan Carter Davies 77:29
5 Jo Shepherd 79:57
6 Alice Leake 80:08
7 Sarah Jones 80:33
8 Cecilie Andersen 80:53
9 Kirstin Maxwell 83:41
10 Fay Walsh 84:04

hollie jessie

Starts were in reverse order of times from the previous day's middle, with three minute intervals. Last starter on the longest course Peter Hodkinson was the last of all the 2500 runners into the forest at this year's JK, the largest annual orienteering festival in the UK.

After noting that the winners of the sprint were Welsh it is right, if a little obvious to those close to the sport, to note the strong connections with the Highlands that both winners of the forest competition have. Alasdair grew up north of Inverness and Jessica lives and works in Badenoch and Strathspey.

Overall JK

Pos Women's Men's
1. Jessica Tullie Alasdair McLeod
2. Hollie Orr Chris Smithard
3. Megan Carter-Davies Sasha Chepelin

overall photos by Robert Lines

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