Lead-in Puzzle Solutions

  1. Reentrant
  2. L
  3. WOC

Ground Control Challenge

wordbox We had available sheets of perforated card with this 10x7 letter grid. The challenge was two part: to identify 17 "words" - the four points of the compass, twelve features that could be found on a map, and "JK" using wordsearch (no diagonals). Then to make a wordbox - a rectangle (or square) containing the same words, spelt out by stepping letter-by-letter up, down or side-to-side through the grid, going round in circles if you like, but not standing still or moving diagonally. The idea was that the letters could be separated into Scrabble-like or Bananagram-like tiles, and slid round to assist getting a solution.

The 17 words were:

  1. NORTH
  2. SOUTH
  3. EAST
  4. WEST
  5. COPSE
  6. HILL
  7. COL
  8. PIT
  9. GULLY
  10. POND
  11. KNOLL
  12. WALL
  13. STREAM
  14. MARSH
  15. DITCH
  17. JK

The winning entry by Gabriella Walsh of Mid-Wales Orienteering Club was 9x5 - 45 letters.

We also got an excellent 8x5 grid from Lucy Butt of SARUM and Lillomarka, but unfortunately it did not include "DITCH". Lucy had found SEAT in the grid (in a square pattern at the top.)

The Winning Solution


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