Story (and great photo) on Jukola website about two British runners who were first back from leg 1

endleg1 Photo: Screen grab from the international TV broadcast of Kris and Ralph running together to the map exchange.

See the race develop in one of the most technical forests, even by Finnish standards - Leg 1 GPS

In an interesting postscript, and emphasising Kris's summary of his running in his recent interview "no two races are the same", Kris won a 5K track race the following weekend.

UPDATE 26th 4:30pm - race video at

Results of BMC Grand Prix Loughborough 23rd June - See results for Race 29. Kris's time is a new personal best, and is in the top 10 for the UK this year.

Links to athlete accounts of their Jukola runs on their training blogs:

Sasha Chepelin (running for Halden SK, who were fourth)

Alan Cherry (running for Nydalens, who were seventh)

Kris Jones

Ralph Street

and from the body of the field "a bit of a sprint specialist" Kirstin Maxwell, adventures outside her comfort zone by tackling leg 5 for a UK team.

As to the whole show:

Jukola Full Results

Koovee wins Jukola 2018 after great team performance!

See World Of O's Account of Jukola 2018

Venla Full Results

Venla 2018: Stora Tuna on top!

See World of O's Account of Jukola 2018

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