GGPH Graham Gristwood and Peter Hodkinson at the last control (On the Red Line)

The World Ranking Middle Distance World Ranking Races at Dundur on Day 3 of this year's Scottish 6-Days Orienteering were won by Graham Gristwood and Cat Taylor. Graham was the final starter of 68 and caught two minutes on the penultimate starter Peter Hodkinson at control 17; they ran the last part of the course together for positions 1 and 2. Alastair Thomas, still an M20, ran very well to take third. Second behind Cat was the Norway-based New Zealander Lizzie Ingham, and Fay Walsh was third.

All Results

M21E Tracking

W21E Tracking

Livestream Replay

PodiumFlower Ceremony

  • M21E (5.2km, 240m)

  • 1.Graham Gristwood, Forth Valley Orienteers 36:02

  • 2.Peter Hodkinson, Nottinghamshire 38:04

  • 3.Alastair Thomas, Edinburgh University 39:29

  • W21E (4.2km, 205m)

  • 1.Cat Taylor, South Yorkshire 34:46

  • 2.Lizzie Ingham, Wellington (NZ) 36:34

  • 3.Fay Walsh, Edinburgh University 41:46

Do checkout the Livestream (link above) if you have time. The camera on the hill was very effective in the combination of lovely Scottish terrain and sunshine, and note an entertaining interview of Cat and Lizzie 79 minutes in.


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