gg Photo: Sprint Scotland Organiser Graham Gristwood

Sprint Scotland has three sprint races this weekend with all but one of the British WOC team sprinters running. They are joined by some of the best in the world, two weeks before the World Champs. All the races have World Ranking (WRE) status.

(The British WOC team sprinter not in Scotland is Megan Carter-Davies. She is in the World Universities Championships.)

Thursday and Friday before the racing offered sprint coaching in the day and a Q&A and talk in the evening.

Race 1 is Saturday morning, Race 2 Saturday afternoon, and Race 3 Sunday morning.

This is a good match for WOC, in that there the sprint qualification and final are the first competition day, and the sprint relay is the day after. The Sprint Scotland organiser is even thoughtfully offering a simulation of quarantine.

British Senior Squad athletes running are the WOC sprinters: Alice Leake, Charlotte Ward, Chris Smithard, Kris Jones and Peter Hodkinson, and also Alasdair McLeod, Charlotte Watson and Kirstin Maxwell. Last week's JWOC sprint silver medallist Matt Fellbaum, an Edinburgh University student, is entered.

Kris is giving a talk on Saturday evening and Chris is Sunday's planner.

They are joined by some of the best known names in the orienteering world in Maja Alm of Denmark, Yannick Michiels of Belgium (giving Friday evening's talk) and Øystein Kvaal Østerbø of Norway.

Edit: We missed Marika Teini of Finland first time through - the 2018 European Middle Distance Champion.

Many of the Danish and Norwegian National teams runners are also in Scotland.

Maja has thirteen World Championship (WOC) Medals, including the last three WOC sprint golds. At last year's World Champs Denmark took the silver in the sprint relay, with Maja, Cecilie Friberg Klysner, Andreas Hougaard Boesen and Tue Lassen. All are are in the startlists this weekend. World-of-O illustrated report of the WOC 2017 Sprint Relay.

Yannick took the silver medal in last year's World Games sprint race.

IOF article on specialisation in orienteering, with comments, and a couple of nice photos, of Yannick. A Danish National Coach also comments on the trend.

In the recent European Championships the Sprint Relay bronze was won by Norway. Three of the team are here: Oystein, Sigrid Alexandersen and Andrine Benjaminsen. The fourth member of the team, Trond Einar Moen Pedersli, is at the World Universities. He won the silver in the sprint race yesterday.

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