Not Swiss Flag The Swedish test races are this weekend; three weeks before the European Championships (and two weeks before TioMila.) Friday 13th - Sprint. Saturday 14th - Long. Sunday 15th - Middle. All are World Ranking Events. This post will be updated with news and further links as the weekend progresses.

Monday morning: this post is now updated with results.

Test Races website.

Friday 13th - WRE Sprint


Women's race before the men's. First tracked runner 1.19pm UK time. D21E has 71 runners including several overseas athletes: Nadia Volynska (UKR), Ursula Kadan (AUT), Aleksandra Hornik (POL), Ingjerd Myhre (NOR), Susen Lösch (GER), Anastasiia Borovkova (RUS) start in the final 15. H21E is split into two because of the number of entries; there are 70 in H21E (and 41 in H21E2). In the last 15 of H21E there are a lot of overseas runners. That is partly because only 10 Swedes have the maximum four counting results for the World Rankings that determine start order - and five of them are not running in this race. The five who are take five of the last six starts: the others in the last fifteen are Gernot Kerschbaumer and Mathias Peter (AUT), Adrien Delenne and Arnaud Perrin (FRA), Algirdas Bartkevicius (LTU), Michal Olejnik and Krzysztof Wolowczyk (POL), Emil Øbro (DEN), Alvaro Prieto (ESP) and Ruslan Glebov (UKR).

Final Results for Sprint

World Ranking Points - updating this on Monday morning it is W21E only; probably because of a men's class protest (maybe not resolved yet) about two controls close together.

Livelox - includes GPS - for Sprint

Saturday 14th - WRE Long

WRE Long Startlists First start 9am UK Time.

Live Results

Livelox - for GPS - from 1105 UK-time

Final Results

World Ranking Points

Sunday 15th - WRE Middle

WRE Middle Startlists Both W21E and M21E have been split because of numbers entering - not sure that could happen anywhere other than Sweden.

Final Results

World Ranking Points

Gernot Kerschbaumer's Facebook Post after the weekend

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