alice Photo: Alice Leake running the arena passage in Riga Old Town Square, World Champs Sprint Final.

Alice Leake had the best run of the British athletes in this year's World Champs Sprints: she was eighth.

The fact that both the men's and women's titles were retained by last year's champions, Daniel Hubmann and Maja Alm, is to disguise a great deal of drama.

Both races were only decided right at the end. Crowds and cobblestones were features of both races, and rain hit the men's race. Last year's men's silver medallist, Frederic Tranchand, was eliminated in the heats (heat A was very tough, a runner needed to be within 30 seconds of the winner to make the qualifying 15.) Hubmann and the New Zealander Tim Robertson were neck-and-neck the whole way (Daniel said he could hear the announcements of "two seconds up, two seconds down" as he was running the course.) The bronze medal margin was less than a second.

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