team The nine athletes of the Great Britain Team for the 2019 World Champs. Credits: Matt Speake by Karl Orud, Jo Shepherd by WOC2018 Latvia, Charlotte Watson and Megan Carter-Davies by South London Orienteers (from the "Get up to Speed" videos), others by On The Red Line

The Great Britain Team for the 2019 World Championships includes nine athletes, all of whom have run WOC before. The championships include middle and long (classic) distance, plus relays.

World Championships Website.


The races are over 5 days, with day 3 being a rest day. No British athlete runs all three disciplines.

Day 1 (Tuesday 13th August) is the Middle Qualification. Athletes compete in heats to qualify for the Day 4 final, and to determine start order - fastest starting last. The last time there were heats in the middle, in 2013, there were three heats with 15 making the final from each - for a 45 runner final. This time round there are 120 men entered and 104 women.

Day 2 (Wednesday 14th August) is the long or classic distance races.

Day 3 is a rest day.

Day 4 (Friday 16th August) is the Middle Distance Final.

Day 5 (Saturday 17th August) is the relays. They are in the late afternoon and early evening this year.

WOC Bulletin-3.

Training Logs

Several of the team maintain logs on Attackpoint.

Cat Taylor - Attackpoint

Peter Hodkinson - Attackpoint

Ralph Street - Attackpoint

Megan Carter-Davies - Attackpoint

Domestic Season

The JK Championships

At The End of May

UK Elite Orienteering League


The Run In - "The Run In is the UK's orienteering podcast that keeps you up to date on news and results from the (mostly) British and (mostly) elite scene."

GG_Running inGraham Gristwood, in Forth Valley top and Kalevan Rasti trousers, flies in to the JK Middle finish this year

For Graham Gristwood it will be a fourteenth World Championships. He returns after a year recovering from an injury that stopped him running. He came back at this year's JK Middle (a selection race.) And he won the recent long selection race in Norway (results - long selection races, results - middle distance selection races). Graham runs the classic distance and the relay.

CatCat Taylor, in South Yorkshire Orienteers colours at this year's JK.

For Cat Taylor, Matt Speake and Hector Haines it is an eighth World Champs. Cat runs middle and relay, Matt middle, and Hector the long distance.

MattMatt Speake, by Karl Orud at last year's pre-WOC races

HectorHector Haines, by Karl Orud at last year's pre-WOC races

RalphRalph Street, at last year's World Champs, by Janis Ligats for WOC2018 Latvia

Ralph Street will run his sixth World Championships. He runs middle and relay.

CharlotteCharlotte Watson at last year's World Champs, by Janis Ligats for WOC2018 Latvia

Three athletes make their fourth appearance at a World Champs.

Charlotte Watson runs long distance and relay. Jo Shepherd runs middle and long. Peter Hodkinson runs middle and relay.

JoJo Shepherd in last year's World Champs long race, by WOC2018 Latvia

PeterPeter Hodkinson, winner of this year's JK Middle Race

Meganphoto: Megan on her way to winning this year's JK, wearing the colours of her Finnish club Rajamäen Rykmentti

Megan Carter-Davies JK and British Champion this year, will run her third World Championships. She runs middle and relay.

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