alice-leake-v-worldchampsfinal2021Alice Leake, fourth in yesterday's World Championship Sprint Final

The World Championships (WOC) in Czechia have the Sprint Relay in the early evening of Sunday 4th July in the host town Doksy. It starts at 5:20pm UK-time and is estimated to finish just over an hour later.

The TV broadcast, in Britain a paid-for service on the internet (6 Euro), begins at 5:10pm. Yesterday's broadcast of the Individual Sprint Final was very well done. It was compelling viewing for orienteers, showcasing the top-level of the sport at its best through great filming with smart graphics, GPS tracking and astute and well-informed commentary.

It should be a great sight. If the race goes to recent form the medal contests will split in two. Switzerland and Sweden deciding gold and silver, and a closely contested race for bronze with several teams in the mix. Best wishes from On The Red Line to the British quad, Alice Leake, Ralph Street, Peter Hodkinson and Megan Carter-Davies.

Start List - Sprint Relay (26 teams, including No 6 - neutral)

World of O - Sprint Relay Preview

Artificial barriers will be in use. The courses are 80% paved, 20% grass. The women run 3.7km, the men 4.3km.

Comments from planner Radek Novotný

Doksy is not particularly complicated in terms of elite runner navigation. The priority was to create interesting situations and uncompromising course balance in the form of a corresponding orientation task. The space for changes due to the TV broadcast is relatively limited, and a shift of a control by 2 mm often plays a crucial role. However, mixed relays are an amazing television format.

Doksy is a small town in a municipality of about 5,000 in the Liberec Region. It is best known as a summer vacation resort for those keen on the outdoors, because of the special landscape. The town was established in the 13th century and soon after what is now known as "Mácha‘s Lake" (named for a Czech romantic poet) was dug. It was a spa town. The ruins of the Bezděz castle atop a big hill are visible for miles.

Doksy is also home to the famous comic heroes of the Čtyřlístek strip.


British Runners

Alice Leake (Airienteers)

Alice LeakeAlice

Ralph Street (South London Orienteers)


Peter Hodkinson (Edinburgh University OC)

Peter HodkinsonPeter

Megan Carter-Davies (Swansea Bay OC)



The Championships began with the individual sprint on Saturday 3rd July.

On Tuesday the competition moves to the mountains near Poland for the middle races. As for the individual sprint there will be six British athletes in the morning qualification races - a largely different six to those who ran the sprint (just Grace is down to run both.).

On Thursday it is the forest relays, in the scenic sandstone terrain near Doksy, and on Friday the Champs finish with the long races, using the same arena.

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