joshua-dudley-WOC23RelayJoshua Dudley running Leg 2 for GBR completes the final loop at the WOC23 Men's Relay

The favourite teams in the World Champs Relays, Switzerland in the Men's Race, and Sweden in the Women's, both had clear wins. So Daniel Hubmann did become the oldest ever World Champion (and no, he has not retired.) There were no big surprises. Both British teams finished lower in the results than they had hoped. In the men's race, run first, GBR were aiming for top-10 and were 17th (6 minutes off 10th). In the women's race GBR were aiming for top-6 and were eighth (3 minutes off a close tussle for 5th/6th.)

The GB Men's Team was Will Gardner, Joshua Dudley and Ralph Street.

The GB Women's Team was Grace Molloy, Cecilie Andersen and Megan Carter-Davies.

Top 6 in the Men's race:

  1. Switzerland (Daniel Hubmann, Joey Hadorn, Matthias Kyburz)
  2. Finland (Topi Syrjalainen, Olli Ojanaho, Miika Kirmula)
  3. Sweden (Albin Ridefelt, Gustav Bergman, Emil Svensk)
  4. Norway (Lucas Liland, Kasper Fosser, Eskil Kinneberg)
  5. France (Guilhem Elias, Matthieu Perrin, Lucas Basset)
  6. Czechia (Martin Roudny, Milos Nykodym, Tomas Krivda)

SwedenWomenWinnersWOC23Team Interview for the victorious Swedish Women's Team: L-R Hanna Lundberg (who established a good lead on leg 1 with her speed and route choice on the long leg - this is the route choice Grace refers to in her post-race interview with us), Sarah Hagstrom (who extended the lead), Tove Alexandersson (who took the final margin out to four and a half minutes)

Switzerland (Elena Roos, running her last intenational race, Natalia Gemperle and Simona Aebersold) were second. All the Swiss runners were second fastest on their leg. Norway (Marianne Andersen, Marie Olaussen, Andrine Benjaminsen) were third. Finland (Miia Niittynen, Maija Sianoja, Venla Harju) were fourth. The top-6 was completed by Czechia (Vendula Horcickova, Denisa Kosova, Tereza Janosikova) and Denmark (Cecilie Friberg Klysner, Line Cederberg, Miri Thrane Oedum) who had a close race.


Results on IOF Eventor - World Champs 2023 Relays

World of O - WOC23 Relays - Maps and Results

Tracking and Courses

GPS Tracking - Men Leg 1

clipTrackingLeg1"Will Gardner's Dot" up with the leaders on leg 1 (and Grace's is too on leg 1 of the Women's Relay) So some good TV time for British runners

ArenaRelayWOC23The Arena, view from the direction of the last loop

will-gardner-WOC23RelayWill Gardner

ralph-street-WOC23RelayRalph Street

ralph-street-interview-IOF_NickBRalph has a post-race interview with the IOF, photo: Nick Barrable

grace-molloy-WOC23relayGrace Molloy

grace-cecilie-WOC23RelayGrace hands over to Cecilie

cecilie-andersen_WOC23RelayCecilie records a post-race interview

WOC23Rely-battleFor5thTereza Janosikova (Czechia) holds off Miri Thrane Oedum (Denmark) for 5th place in the Women's Relay

MensRelayPodiumWOC2023_TSMen's Relay 1-2-3 on Stage (Legs 1-2-3 L-R), photo: copyright + woc 2023, by Thomi Studhalter

MensRelayPodium456_WOC2023_TSMen's Relay 4-5-6, photo: copyright + woc 2023, by Thomi Studhalter

WomensRelayPodiumWOC2023_TSWomen's Relay 1-2-3 on Stage (Legs 1-2-3 L-R), photo: copyright + woc 2023, by Thomi Studhalter

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