chinatownpicThe fourth and final round of the 2019 World Cup takes place in Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China. This is close to Hong Kong and Macau Special Administrative Regions, around the Pearl River Delta. Teams from China, Hong Kong China and Macau China are taking part.

  • Saturday 26th October - Middle Distance (c5am-10am UK time)
  • Sunday 27th October - Sprint Relay (start 6:45am UK time, TV broadcast starts 6:30am)
  • Tuesday 29th October - Sprint (c5am-8:30am UK time, TV broadcast starts 6am)

There is Live Internet TV coverage (for a fee) with commentary from Katherine Bett and Jonas Merz. Sunday's Sprint Relay, in Nanhai Movie and TV Town - a purpose built facility occupying over a square kilometre and used for over 500 TV programmes and movies rates to be particularly good to watch, and being so early it may get you in the mood for taking exercise in the rest of the day.


On the forest terrain: > The terrain is on a mountain plateau with generally moderate slopes. Mostly native forest, with some areas of villages and developed parklands. There is a wide variation in vegetation but most forest areas have fair to good runnability. There is a dense path network.Some of these paths have stone paving, which can be very slippery when wet.

On the sprint relay terrain: > Located here is an open-air film studio complex with numerous replica townscapes and temples, combining the landscape of a city park and suburban park with strong cultural atmosphere. There is both planted and natural vegetation, with some small areas of open forest depending on route choice. Very good runnability.

On the sprint terrain: > Ancient villages with both traditional and modern architectural styles, with areas of farmland, rough open landand ponds between the built-up areas. The alleys are quite narrow, mainly paved.

China's time zone is GMT+8. For the UK this makes for a 7-hour difference on Saturday, and an 8-hour difference, after the UK clock change, for the Sunday and Tuesday racing.

As is common for late season international competitions some British athletes have considered their priorities and the time and money needed, and declined the chance of selection. The names who are entered (link to all countries entries is shown below) are:

teamPhotoAt the Opening Ceremony, with a Lion

Summary of competitors entered - all teams.

Tove Alexandersson has already won the Women's World Cup. The men's competition is led by Gustav Bergman, with a good lead over other possible winners Daniel Hubmann, Joey Hadorn and Vojtech Kral.

World Cup standings.

songtangfrom previous map of Tuesday's sprint area

xiqaiofrom previous map of Saturday's middle distance area

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