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Long Distance

In the women's, Marie Olaussen of Norway won the gold, Johanna Öberg of Sweden the silver, and Paula Gross of Switzerland the bronze.

For GB, Megan Carter-Davies was 15th, Cecilie Andersen 24th, Fay Walsh 32nd and Sarah Jones 77th.

In the men's, Jonas Egger of Switzerland won the gold, Paul Sirum of Norway the silver, and Håvard Haga also of Norway the bronze.

Jonas Egger 2017 interview by Portuguse Orienteering Blog.

For GB, Ben Mitchell was 30th, Jonny Crickmore 31st., Matt Elkington 43rd, and Joe Woodley 51st.

Long Distance - Official Results

A lot of athletes lost time at a difficult control, the last radio control in the forest. It cost Megan, in any case GB's highest placed finisher, about six minutes. Susen Lösch of Germany, delighted with her excellent 5th place, comments in her blog ( Google Translate's English version ) that maybe there was something with the map, and she had a bit more experience to solve such a situation.

Forest Relays

There was some symmetry in the results of the women's and men's relays.

Norway won both the women's and men's relays. Finland took silver in both. And Switzerland took bronze in both.

In both races the highest GB team was 10th, or 7th once the second teams for Norway, Sweden and Switzerland/Finland are discounted.

In the women's GB1, Cecilie Andersen, Fay Walsh and Megan Carter-Davies were 10th. GB2, Chloe Potter, Sarah Jones and Kaite Reynolds were 24th.

In the men's it was GB2 ahead of GB1. GB2, Nathan Lawson, Joe Woodley and Matt Elkington were 10th, whilst GB1, Ben Mitchell, Jonny Crickmore and Sasha Chepelin were 14th. Jonny had a similar experience to Megan had the previous day.

Relays - Official Results

Medal Table

The "Big Four" (SWE, NOR, SUI, FIN) won all the forest medals.

Competitively Norway did very well, taking nine medals in all. Marie Olaussen and Paul Sirum both won three forest medals.

In some ways it is when a winner comes from a country other than the big ones that the biggest news is made, so the sprint golds for Virág Weiler of Hungary and Tim Robertson of New Zealand, and the sprint relay silver for Poland, are noteworthy.

Country Gold Silver Bronze
Norway 3 4 2
Switzerland 2 1 3
Finland 1 2 0
Sweden 1 1 1
Hungary 1 0 0
New Zealand 1 0 0
Poland 0 1 1
Australia 0 0 1
France 0 0 1

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