Sasha Photo: Sasha Chepelin at European Champs 2018

Tomorrow, 16th July, at 4pm Finnish time (2pm UK-time) the Sprint Relay is the first race at the World Universities Champs.

The schedule is:

  • Tuesday – Sprint Relay
  • Wednesday - Middle
  • Thursday – Sprint
  • Friday – Long
  • Saturday - Relay

You can follow the races online (free). All runners have GPS.

There are three members of the senior squad in the GB Team: Megan Carter-Davies, Sasha Chepelin, and Jonny Crickmore.

GB has 6 men and 6 women in a full team §. The team selections were announced at the end of May.

§ Maximum 4 runners per race, so only GB space not taken is one in the women's sprint.

Sprint Relay: Cecilie Andersen, Jonny Crickmore, Sasha Chepelin, Megan Carter-Davies.

Cecilie is a first year senior from Bristol Orienteering Klubb and Oxford University; she was 5th at the JK Sprint this year. She won the 2017 W20 British Middle Race at Wendover Woods.

Middle: Megan Carter-Davies, Sarah Jones, Chloe Potter, Fay Walsh, Sasha Chepelin, Nathan Lawson, Ben Mitchell, Joe Woodley.

Sprint: Cecilie Andersen, Chloe Potter, Katie Reynolds, Sasha Chepelin, Jonny Crickmore, Matt Elkington, Nathan Lawson.

Long: Cecilie Andersen, Megan Carter-Davies, Sarah Jones, Fay Walsh, Jonny Crickmore, Matt Elkington, Ben Mitchell, Joe Woodley.

Relays: two women's teams of 3, two men's teams of 3.

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