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Update + 1 week England Team Manager's Report

The perhaps self-contradictory term "Home International" is used in the British Isles to describe sports competitions amongst national teams England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. In many sports Ireland teams are "all-Ireland" combining talent from the Republic and Northern Ireland (which is part of the United Kingdom.)

The first were football matches in the last decades of the Nineteenth Century - see Wikipedia - the British Home Championship.

In orienteering there are three "home internationals" and this weekend is the Senior Home International. It is organised by Pendle Forest Orienteers near Burnley in the north of England. Teams are 18 strong, six men and six women in the open class, and three men and three women 20 or under.

The Senior Home International is known as the SHI. The other home Internationals are the junior, or JHI (M/W14 - M/W18), and the veteran or VHI (masters, 35+). Each takes place over a weekend, with an individual day and a relay day, and calculates results by a points scheme. There's also a social element - a meal on the Saturday night, and often teams stay in the same place. The competition details are specific to each competition. In general Scotland and England give each other a good match, and, but with lower points totals, so do Wales and Ireland.

Competition Area

From the organising club's website:

It is a large area of moors, reservoirs and a complex maze of spoils, large and small, from old mineral workings. Unusual features include horizontal spurs, originally spoil tips, and lines of cannonball-sized stones which are slow to run along. Shaley areas that do not impede the runner are not marked. In many of the unworked areas there is tussock grass, shown on the map with the wide undergrowth symbol, which is generally very slow to run. The edges of theses areas are indistinct and should not be relied upon for navigation. The area is 95% open moorland where contour interpretation and compass work are the key navigational skills.

Team Information - SHI

The teams include many GB internationals.

England Team

Ireland Team

Scotland Team

Wales Team


The England Team Manager's Report from last year's very close competition held in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland.

Scottish Orienteering News Report about last year's competition.

2018 Results

Saturday - Scores Individual Day

ENG 27, SCO 23, IRL 11, WAL 11.

SCO won M21. ENG won W21 and W20. ENG and SCO tied M20. WAL were second in W21.

Link to [individual day results and splits)]


M21: 1. Sasha Chepelin, 2. Ali McLeod, 3. Scott Fraser

W21: 1. Cat Taylor, 2. Hollie Orr, 3. Megan Carter-Davies

M20: 1. Matt Fellbaum, 2. Alex Carcas, 3. Joe Wright

W20: 1. Laura King, 2. Fiona Bunn, 3. Eilidh Campbell, 4. Emma Wilson (in an earlier provisional results Laura was recorded as mispunching.)

Cat Taylor blog -

it was raining and cold so mostly type 2 fun

Ben Mitchell blog -

Weather conditions made it worse.

Laura Robertson blog -

Tussock trudge with 3 patches of intricate mining spoils and some long legs between the areas.

Alice Leake blog -

Have been enjoying all the forest stuff recently but this was a different beast.

Megan Carter-Davies blog -

Despite the wet and cold and all the slogging over terrain, quite enjoyed

Matt Fellbaum blog -

Fun racing but the terrain was tough and not happy with my mistakes.

Sunday - Relay Day

ENG 30, SCO 22, IRL 12, WAL 8.

Link to relay results and splits.

In both the mens and womens relays England teams were first and second, and a Scotland team was third. In the mens relay both IRE and WAL scored 5 pts, and in the womens IRE scored 7 and WAL 3.


ENG 57, SCO 45, IRE 24, WAL 20.

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