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Update 2nd Aug 10am: Timings updated from Bulletin-4.

If you like this coming weekend, in the morning you can run, and in the afternoon you can watch World Champs sprint orienteering - perhaps with some fellow members of your club.

Here are timings for the World Champs races in Latvia.

You can choose between paid-for Internet TV (it is €20 for the week, there'll be an individual race option too) and free-of-charge online results and social media.

Most interesting:

  • Saturday 4th - 12:50pm-3pm (UK-time) - Old Town Riga (UNESCO World Heritage) the Sprint Finals
  • Sunday 5th - 2:50pm-4pm (UK-time) - Sprint Relay, also from Riga
  • Thursday 9th - 12:20pm-4pm (UK-time) - the forest relays.

On The Red Line article British Team Athletes

Sprint & Sprint Relay

The opening weekend has the sprint qualification and final on the Saturday, and the sprint relay on the Sunday. In WOC last year the individual qualification and final were on different days.

The Sprint Qualification is from 7:00-9:40 UK-time, at the Kronvalda Park Arena in Riga. This is the warm-up to the main show later in the day (but not much later), and tends to the matter-of-fact rather than the spectacular. It is about reducing the fields of 100+ to get 45 or so athletes for each final. There won't be TV but there will be online results. The main interest is around the qualification boundary. Perhaps a well-known name doesn't make the cut, or there is a runner who misses out by just a second.

World sprint rankings are not very important - team managers elect a start time range for an athlete (one early, one middle, one late) - but for interest the GB athletes are: Charlotte 50, Alice 48, Megan 33, Peter 20, Kris 19 and Chris 16.

The Sprint Final is 12:50-3:00pm UK-time (women first) Saturday 4th set in Riga Old Town. This is a Medieval City Centre, and a UNESCO World Heritage site. It will look very nice.

After Saturday Alice Leake and Chris Smithard have, barring accidents, done their stuff and the other four sprinters are the sprint relay team - a team that won the World Universities Sprint Relay two years ago - Charlotte Ward, Peter Hodkinson, Kris Jones and Megan Carter-Davies.

The Sprint Relay is on Sunday 5th at 2:50pm UK-time. This is in a different part of Riga - initially built up in the first half of the 20th century, with some later developments. It is mostly private and multi-apartment residential housing, and a park.

And that is the sprint races and Riga over. The competition will move to Sigulda and its forests.

Middle Races

Tuesday is the forest middle races. These are described as being in ravines next to the Gauja River. It is spruce and pine, medium runnability, with deciduous trees providing difficult going on the flood plain next to the river.

Megan runs again, and is joined by four more athletes of the team, as GB have three women and two men running. (See the On The Red Line article on the divisions for an explanation.) They are: Cat Taylor and Charlotte Watson, and Alasdair McLeod and Ralph Street.

The races are from 9:50 – 15:20 UK-time (women first). Basically it is best starts last, which means reverse order of world forest ranking order. Alasdair is ranked 111, Megan 80, Charlotte 68, Ralph 48, and Cat 18.

Forest Relays

Thursday is the forest relays. The terrain is as for Tuesday, although it is a different arena – this one will be used for the long too. The women's team is Megan and Cat, joined by Jo Shepherd. The men's team is Kris, Peter and Ralph.

The relays start at 12:20 (women) and 2:20pm (men) UK-time.

Long Distance

And Saturday is the last races, the forest long or classic distance. Again GB has three women and two men running. Cat and Jo run the women's with Jess Tullie. In the men's race it is Alan Cherry and Hector Haines.

The races are from 9:00 – 16:00 UK-time (women first), again with a best starts last principle. Hector is ranked 86, Jo 63, Alan 58, Jess 58, and Cat 18.

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